We insist on using high quality virgin material.

PA 6 bristle

PA 6 bristle is widely used in brush industry due to its good performance and reasonable price. PA 6 bristle owns good resistance to alkali, anti-abrasive and bend recovery. To be mentioned, PA 6 bristle has about 8% water absorption.

PA 66 bristle

Compare to PA 6 bristle, PA 66 bristle owns better performance of heat resistance, bend-recovery. It also owns good resistance to alkali, weak acid and anti-abrasive. And it has about 10% water absorption. It is widely used in industrial brush and comb.

PA 612 bristle

PA 612 owns the most excellent bend-recovery property that is used in very high-end brush. The water absorption is not high as the above polyamide family.

PP bristle (Polypropylene)

PP bristle is the only bristle material with density less than water. It owns good resistance to chemical, but medium bend-recovery. It is widely used in domestic brush.

PBT bristle(Polybutylene terephthalate)

PBT bristle owns good resistance to acids and weather condition. It absorbs no water that is very suitable to use in the water environment.

PET bristle(Polyethylene terephthalate)

PET bristle (PET monofilament is also called “Plasteel wire”) is a stiff material that is good use in powerful wash brush. It owns good chemical and weather resistance.

Functional Bristle

Anti-Static Bristle

Anti-Static Bristle

SK’s PA6 based anti-static bristle, whose diameter smallest to ø 0.25mm, provides surface resistivity lowest to 10^6 ohm/square. It can be used to remove static charge of the object.

Anti-Static Bristle

Anti-microbial bristle

Our anti-microbial additive have certified by EPA, FDA, NSF, EFSA, RoHS etc. It doesn’t harm the human body and environment.

Anti-Static Bristle

Negative ion bristle

Negative ion powder is added into PA material to release negative ion. Negative ion are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron which benefits for health. It is commonly used in comb and body cleaning brush.

We supply high quality Bristle ,Customized products are also available to meet your demand.